Welcome to Villa Pamela

Welcome to Villa Pamela - an Abuerge Private Residence at Esperanza.

At this exquisite complement to the Cortes Sea, you will have it all.
Villa Pamela blends cozy with spacious in its luxury-designed rooms, where glass walls slide open to invite a stunning backdrop of the sea indoors. It blends privacy with community as it is cradled in the heart of Punta Ballena, the pinnacle of Cabo's upscale resort communities and home to the world-class Esperanza Hotel. And it blends serenity with excitement, as Cabo San Lucas is only minutes away.

Fulfill your desires
by basking indoors, on one of four lavish balconies, at the private pool and hot tub, or at the exclusive beach club. In each location you can enjoy sensual surroundings and an exclusivity tailored to your needs. Whether you play, relax or indulge, you will have it all at Villa Pamela.

Property Update:

We are happy to announce that the construction improvements at the Private Residences have been completed.  Guests will now have access to the following new amenities:

  • Largest Residential Pool in Cabo
  • Swim-Up Bar
  • A Second Exercise Facility
  • Owners Club
  • Valet Parking